Discover Politricks, Louisiana's hottest new board game in which you could become governor with a roll of the dice! Continuous excitement and non-stop laughter await you and your friends as you "Campaign" your way through the ups and downs of the state's colorful political history. Gaining votes is easy, but so is losing them. So go ahead and take that bribe, just don't get caught! After all, Politricks is the name of the game!

Politricks is the creation of successful entrepreneur and Louisiana native Kippy Sumrall. Mr. Sumrall designed the playing board which renowned artist John Carambat has beautifully illustrated. Included on the board are drawings of ten game pieces, with names such as "Governor Sunshine" and "The Gambler."


Kippy Productions, Inc. 
13953 Perkins Rd. 
Baton Rouge, LA 70810-3438