To become Governor by rolling the dice, moving the game pieces around the board to gain 1.3 million votes thus winning the game.

2 TO 10 players may play at one time from which a Treasurer (who handles the money) and Commissioner of Elections who handles the votes are selected.

THE GAME CONSISTS OF... A board of 64 parish spaces, play money, 3 dice (2 white & 1 red), 146 Democratic cards & 4 Democratic Payola cards 146 Republican cards and 4 Republican Payola cards, & 100 Trivia cards, a sheet of 20 peel off caricature stickers. These stickers are to be permanently placed on the ten game pieces (make sure each game piece has the same caricature face on both sides) and a pad for the Commissioner of Elections to record the votes of each player.

There is a Republican & Democrat card stack. These two stacks will now contain 100 cards each on the proper game board spaces. Each player startswith $100,000. The game starts with $10,000 on the PAYOLA Fund space. The Payola Fund builds up as players draw cards such as bribe payoffs and indictment fines. This fund is won when a player draws one of the eight Payola cards during the game. The Treasurer replenishes the Payola Fund each time a player wins, with the beginning amount of money ($10,000 x number of players).

Each player selects a game piece. Selected game pieces are placed at the starting point, the State Capitol. To determine how many spaces to move, the two white dice are added together and the red die is subtracted from the sum of the two white dice. Thus, a player will end up with either a positive, a negative or a zero sum. If he has a positive roll he will move forward, if he has a negative roll he will move backwards and if a zero sum, he cannot move. Each player rolls the dice only once unless the drawn card says roll again or when answering a Trivia card correctly. More than one player may occupy any space on the board. When moving around the game board each parish is designated Democratic or Republican, which indicates the card stack from which to draw when landing on that Parish. This card will instruct the player as to the appropriate action to take. These cards are to be read aloud by each player.

All corner spaces are Trivia card spaces including the State Capitol Start Space. When a player lands on or passes one of these corner Trivia spaces, a Trivia card must be drawn. If a Trivia question is answered correctly you gain that number of votes and roll again In addition to choosing a Trivia card, each time a player passes the State Capitol Start space the player will also collect $10,000 and another 30,000 votes.

If a bribe card is drawn the player may choose to reject or take the bribe. If the player chooses to keep the bribe card it is displayed in front of that player who receives the votes and money designated on that bribe card. When a bribe card is displayed and a matching indictment card is drawn, the player displaying the bribe card is busted which means the instructions on the indictment card are to be followed by the player holding the bribe card. Then the player who drew the indictment card draws again. Remember you can bust yourself if you draw an indictment card and are displaying the matching bribe card also. If the player decides to reject the bribe card it is returned to the bottom of the proper stack and the player draws again. When a player draws an indictment card and no matching bribe card is displayed, the player returns that indictment card to the proper stack and draws again.

If you run out of money and cannot run your campaign, you are out of the game!!!

The first player who gains 1.3 million votes will become POLITRICKS' GOVERNOR of Louisiana!!!